Homeless romantic - The Saddest Parade

from by Chris Jeffries



Homeless Romantic is a concept album. Conceived by : Chris Jeffries

Recorded in Hayward, CA 2014


Darling my bones are aching

from overuse and strain

and day by day i've been losing my brain and I have less and less to say to you

darling my bones are weak

and my legs are to run

my scrawny frame it calls out your name

but i'm already deaf blind and dumb

darling wave goodbye to this place

just like a monkey being shot into space

with a bit of luck and an empty cup

and a tear rolling down your face

you, you belong to me

you, you belong to me

on the dark side of the street

darling pay no attention to that old spinning wheel

no one is left, no one at all except for time

to kill, eventually we'll make him stand still and die a thousand deaths in

each others arms

darling we were kings and queens

of skeletons and zombies

and I had a beautiful dream

the boiling sea it flooded the streets

so I hitch-hiked back down to new orleans

to accept all the dead love you once offered me

you, you belong to me

you, you belong to me

on the dark side of the street

this is the saddest parade

and it's the last parade of the day


from Homeless Romantic, track released April 19, 2014
Chris Jeffries-vocals organ piano percussion accordion guitar
Harlan Rollins-upright bass
Ben Andrews-violin
Toby Mahan-Sanchez-guitar
Salvatore Geloso- vocals
Chelsea Hendrix- vocals
Harlan Chancey- banjo
Mary Jane- vocals
A.J. - saxophone



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Chris Jeffries San Francisco, California

If Lou Reed had lived in the '30s and had an affinity for moonshine instead of heroin, he would sound dangerously close to the delicate rootsiness of what Chris Jeffries is creating. Combining the swagger of Mr. Reed with the bad-luck living and roaring fingerpicking of folk stalwarts like Lead Belly, Jeffries creates a sound that could be plucked straight out of your granddaddy's Crosley ... more

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